Thanks for taking interest in our Free Company!

We're a fun free company in Lamia server, Primal. If you're interested in joining us, use the menu at the top to navigate to our application form. Make sure you first read everything in the 'About' section of the site. If you'd like to check out our jump puzzles or decorations, head over to the housing section!

Recruitment Status: Open

Recent news & Announcements

  • [10/10/2020] Our yearly Halloween event will be hosted on Oct. 27th! Please check the event page for more info!

  • [9/13/2020] Big thanks to those helping out with Vlad's hip surgery and to Askha for making art for those who donated! ♥

  • [9/1/2020] Remember to vote on the poll for the best times for events. This can be found in the FC Meeting Logs channel and will help us host events that work for everyone!

  • [8/27/2020] Thank you for those who participated in Namazus for Equality and helped make a difference. We're happy to announce a total of $447 were raised for Black charities!

Upcoming Events: