About us

Do you like yelling at Lalafell?

Would you like to sacrifice their wicked souls in the name of the Almighty Turkey Lord Bahamut?

Do you think drinking Clorox is the answer to all your problems? Then Ghoul might just be the Free Company for you!

Ghoul was created on 04/05/2015 and has been going strong since then. We are known for being very welcoming to our newer members and for making sure no one feels like just another number in our group.

What kind of members are we looking for?

Ghoul welcomes different types of players regardless of experience and playtime. We're the family-like/friendly type of FC where we care more about making new friends and having a good time. There are members with different play styles from hardcore to casual to garden decorations to hardcore ERP service providers.

If you spend most of your time fishing instead of doing raids, that's fine. If you spend more time tackling savage/ultimate content, that's fine. If you spend most of your time crafting an obscene amount of chocobo pillars, that's also fine! You could spend your days ERP'ing in the filthy streets of Limsa Lominsa for all we care, the only thing that matters is that you will get involved with the FC and that the rest of the FC likes you.

We ask our members to be actively involved with others in the FC. You can do that with small things like joining our discord, saying hi/talking to people you don't know, checking the FC window in-game when you log in for events/announcements, and just being welcoming in general to others that come after you.

New members are given a 2-3 week trial period to see how they fit in with us and to see if they like it here. If you don't log in for more than 2 weeks during your trial period, you are removed from the FC unless you asked an officer to place you in the AFK rank.

What do we do for fun?

We host events from time to time both inside the FC and server-wide. Some of the activities we have are:

  • Murder Mystery Nights

  • Ghoul Quest™

  • Movie Nights

  • Zombie Apocalypse

  • Art Nights

  • Bingo!

  • Raiding Towns in Magitek Armor

  • Hide and Seek

  • Pokemon Tournaments

  • Cards Against Humanity

  • Reading Pokemon erotica out-loud on Discord

  • PvP Tournaments

  • Roleplay Events

  • Listening to music on Discord.

  • Extreme Primal Farm Parties

  • End-game Content Learning Parties

  • Races

  • 2 Truths 1 Lie

  • Free-for-All Treasure Map Nights

We also try to host FC meetings every 2-3 weeks to welcome new members, talk about pretty much anything concerning the FC like upcoming events, and just to give space for everyone's voice to be heard.

Hosting Events

Anyone in Ghoul is allowed and encouraged to host events of their own such as their weddings, map parties, mount farms, or anything they want to invite others to. To do so, just message an S-Rank, Cummie Sensei, or Officer and let them know the details so that they can add it to the calendar.

Upcoming events can be seen from the calendar and the #event-reservation channel on discord. The default timezone for events is CST, but timezones are a headache. You can click the title of the event in the event reservation channel and it'll show you the time in your local timezone. As an example, for the event shown in this image, you'd have to click "Innocence Learning Party."

Notifications are made whenever an event is created and 30 minutes before it starts. If you'd like to RSVP a spot for events such as learning parties, runs, etc. you can do so by reacting to the message with the role you'd like to go as. If you RSVP, you'll get a couple extra notifications a day before and a few hours before the event starts.

Out of respect for everyone, please update your status using the DC symbol if you can't make it!

FC Houses

Ghoul is known for having multiple themed houses for events and meetings. You can find more details on each house in the Housing Gallery! The ones marked as TBA will be decorated eventually.

Main Mansion

Goblet 3-35, North Sub

Research Lab

Goblet 3-31, Goblet Exchange Sub

Jump Puzzle!


Goblet 3-32, North Sub


Goblet 3-36, North Sub

Race Track! (C)

Resort & Spa

Goblet 3-37, North Sub

Maid Café

Goblet 3-38, North Sub

Jump Puzzle! (C)

Lounge Bar

Goblet 3-39, North Sub


Goblet 3-40, North Sub

Cinema Arcade

Goblet 3-41, North Sub

Board Game! (C)

Knight Club

Goblet 3-42, North Sub

Jump Puzzle!

Ice Hotel & Bar

Goblet 3-43, Sultana's Breath Sub

Pirate Den

Goblet 3-44, Brimming Heart Sub

Fighting Dojo

Goblet 3-46, Brimming Heart Sub

Jump Puzzle!

Deep Dungeon

Goblet 3-47, Brimming Heart Sub

Jump Puzzle!


Goblet 3-48, Brimming Heart Sub

Pink Fortress

Goblet 3-50, Brimming Heart Sub

Jump Puzzle!

Phantom Train

The Goblet 3-51

Race Track! (C)

Pokemon League

Goblet 3-53, South Sub

Jump Puzzle! (C)


Goblet 3-34, Southeast

Hanging Garden

Goblet 3-33, North Sub

Jump Puzzle!

Temporal Cage

Goblet 3-56, Southwest Sub

Jump Puzzle!


Goblet 3-28, Southeast

Jump Puzzle!

Free Company Rules

Players must be 18+ to join the Free Company.

Maturity is required because of the uncensored nature of our FC and because we're not a daycare.

Drama will not be tolerated.

Starting or bringing conflicts/drama into Ghoul is grounds for immediate removal without warning.

Respect other players.

We expect people to know how to respect boundaries and not cross the line in the form of discrimination of any kind, such as based on gender, ethnicity, or sexual preference.


Everyone is accountable for their own actions regardless of whether they are having a bad day, are under the influence of alcohol/drugs, mental illnesses, mood swings, etc.

The first tab of the Free Company Chest is free to use for anyone, but be considerate and only take what you need.

Inclusiveness and Involvement

Members of Ghoul are encouraged to be friendly and welcoming towards other members, get involved with the free company, and to play an active role in it.

Cliques are frowned upon and will be dealt with in extreme cases.

Excessive Complaining

Cases of constant complaining and whining in free company chat will be dealt with. Regular negativity isn’t healthy for the free company and only pushes others away from you.

Learning and Clear Parties

Ghoul hosts learning or clear parties for current content from time to time and it is important to know the difference between the two:

-Learning parties are meant to be done to get experience in content without having to deal with stress and hostility common in Party Finder for not knowing mechanics. Be patient with others when you’re in a learning party, as toxic behavior will result in a warning.

-Clears are not for learning but rather for polishing off the last mechanics and getting a clear. You are expected to have seen and understand most/all mechanics in the fight.

-Farm Parties are for people who have already cleared the content and want to run it for loot/mounts/etc. People who haven't cleared may be taken for these, but only if they've been to enrage and know all mechanics.

It is very important to note that for all three you are still expected to know how to play your class and you are required to at least be able to clear the SSS dummy *consistently* for that fight. If you need help learning your class, you can check the useful links discord channel for job guides!

Leaving Ghoul

Leaving the free company is p̶e̶r̶m̶a̶n̶e̶n̶t̶ ̶a̶n̶d̶ ̶f̶i̶n̶a̶l̶ a dumb decision. We will not ask for reasons or bother people when they leave, but if you left on good terms and you were promoted to Ghoul rank at least you may rejoin once. After that, you may not rejoin under any circumstance. You may ask an officer for permission to leave temporarily for less than a week but only for a reason the officers approve as valid (like decorating someone's house or helping a friend with starting an FC.)

Regarding Inactivity

In Ghoul we remove inactive players and recruit often to keep it from becoming a graveyard.

Removal occurs at these times from your last log in:

  • New Members - 14 days

  • Regular Members - 75 days

  • AFK Rank - 150 days

  • Members with a Decorated FC Room - 3000 days

Exceptions can and will easily be made, you need only ask.

If you still happen to be removed for inactivity, you are welcome to join back without having to apply again. However, if you join another FC when you come back from inactivity, it will count as leaving and you will not be able to join back. If you've read up to here, the keyphrase to be accepted is "my finger". To get placed in the AFK rank, simply send a /tell or DM on discord to one of the officers and they will set it for you.

Free Company ranks


This is the trial rank for newcomers to see if they get along with people and if they play an active role in the FC.


Regular member role.

Using Workshop

A temporary role that grants permissions to use the FC workshop and commence/collect projects. Anyone can request this temporary rank, but only one person at a time may have it.

Using Gardens

A temporary role that grants permissions to use the FC gardens and harvest from them. Anyone can request this temporary rank, but only one person at a time may have it.


A rank for members that are planning to be gone from the game for over 75 days. Contact an officer to be changed into this rank.

S-Rank Ghoul

S-Ranks are a team designated to plan and host events for the Free Company, among other duties. If you have any event ideas or you would like to see a specific event be hosted, you can talk to one of them. They also have access to the FC calendar so you can request activities such as weddings to be posted there for everyone to attend!

Cummie Sensei

Cummie Senseis are a team designated to host and help run end-game content as well as helping members get started with it. They are experienced with multiple roles and have savage+ experience. If you want to learn or clear a fight, feel free to request for help in the #in-game-help-request channel on discord.

Any roles above Cummie Sensei are officer ranks.

Other Perks

FC Currency

We have a shop that deals in the majestic Cummies™, earned from events and ranking up in the FC. It sells items ranging from gear, items, powerleveling and ERP sessions with horses.

LGBT Friendly

L - Let's

G - Get Down to

B - Business

T - to defeat the Huns

Grade 3 Buffs

With multiple houses, we can charge 10+ grade 3 FC actions at a time!

Lalafell Sacrificing

Lord Bahamut grants us increased drop rates, stress-relief, Lalafell soul-powered magitek, and more!

A narwhal

It's a narwhal

A shit ton of houses

With bragging rights that will make poor people very salty

Everyone is a weeb

Yes, everyone.

Rated #1 FC in Lamia

By acclaimed critic and shitposter Buttered Toast

Life-Changing Stories~


- Buttered Toast (2017)

"ghoul is shit"

- William Greywoode, after 3 people used our 3 line recruitment macro at once by accident (2017)

"You are what you vore"

- Wil Deran (2019)

"yeah i can fit inside a snorlax's anus"

- Xinmiao Ji (2021)

"You're actually scum, literally no respect for you"

- Xortes Oniyasha, after learning the no joining back rule made his mom angry (2018)


- Cypher Darkwind, at Day 3 of Conversion Therapy (2017)

"As a Lalafell, I felt right at home in Ghoul. It's such a nice place of acceptance "

- Cypher Darkwind, at Week 7 of Conversion Therapy (2017)

"things are going in my mechanical catboys mouth that arent' then coming out of my catboy's bussy, and that makes my car not work."

- Ourai Moonshae (2021)

"What an absolute tool bag. I used to be in this FC, a long time ago. The leader is a tool bag, and thinks he's hot stuff for buying up almost an entire ward on Lamia. "

- Leeja Llen (2020)

"All the joking aside Ghoul is a very welcoming and fun FC to be a part of. Definitely one of the best FCs on Lamia."

- Connal Fearon (2017)

"I swear I just want to start a whole report chain and have most of that FC banned, Lamia would be such a better place."

- Jake Evens, unprompted (2016)

"I would never shit on your wife, Quinn."

- Haise Sasaki (2021)

"I heard Ghoul has spies they send to infiltrate other FC's. Is this true, Haise?! If so, I want to hire one to spy on Erruki."

- Atticus O'sullivan (2017)

"Are you too good to shit on my wife, haise?"

- Quinn Lioncourt (2021)

"this is a callout post to fc ghoul on lamia that bought out an entire ward in the goblet and gloats about it on their website i hope you step on a thousand legos and you get vinegar put in all your beverages "

- Valerien Noreciel (2020)

"I always have a blast at Ghoul events!"

- Megami Kara (2017)

"If only i was sporting a necrotic penis..."

- Albedo Odebla (2021)

"I can't condone [ghoul housing]"

- Ashen Bride from HGXIV (2019)

"Traps are the embodiment of beauty.."

- Kurai King (2017)

"For the amount of allotted time I have participated in the FC, I would be happy to announce that I am leaving. After an assorted amount of weeks, I have required discord DMs, IG pages, copy/pasted FC logs, and multiple witnesses so I can post a negative critique on my 70-follower roleplay Instagram. <3"

- Yin Feng (2017)

"Honestly, I don't even mind cum"

- Anabel Zeppeli (2016)

"I must admit, Ghoul does put on good parties! "

- Curly Fry, after our annual winter ball (2018)

"I can give it, but I can't take it"

- Scarlet Halberd (2016)

"If you take that out of context my spear goes inside your urethra"

- Scarlet Halberd (2016)

If you're interested in joining us, please submit an application by clicking the apply button in the menu. Make sure you read everything in this about page before submitting.

If you have any questions, feel free to PM any of the officers:

Barnaby Birdus

Haise Sasaki

Messy Fantasia