House Gallery

Welcome to our housing gallery! Here you can find all the addresses for all the houses we own. They are all located in the third ward of The Goblet. Feel free to come visit and challenge the jumping puzzles!

Be aware that the use of Blue Mage skills and resurrection is not allowed in the jumping puzzles and any entries found to be done using that will be deleted!

Ghoul Main Mansion

The Goblet 3-35

The main hub of the FC is surrounded by other houses owned by Ghoul, giving us a nice private plaza to hang out and chat. It has easy retainer bell, market board, and aethernet access.

The mansion itself has a castle theme. Inside you can find lalafell slaves that will repair your gear and sell you items. It has an elegant living room, a library studio, a spa room, and a beautiful balcony overlooking the crystal tower.

It is said that the mansion holds a dark secret involving lalafell somewhere in the rooms..

Ghoul Lounge Bar

The Goblet 3-39

A small, elegant lounge bar across the main mansion. It has a stage for live music and great drinks.

It has a modern dancefloor in the middle and enough sits to sit 50+ guests. It also has a vending machine with our own brand of liquors and spirits.

It may or may not have stripper platforms.

Jump under the dragon lamp to get in.

Ghoul Shrine

The Goblet 3-40

A breath-taking shrine dedicated to Bahamut.

Long, dark corridors and secret passages await you.

This is also where the Ghoul treasury is hidden.

We encourage you to bring your lalafell friends here.

Use /doze in front of the golden crystals to enter. Try to find the message book without getting sacrificed by cultists.

Ghoul Cinema & Arcade

The Goblet 3-41

A place full of fun games, snacks, and movies.

The lobby has posters with different movies on display, a snack area, and a sitting area.

Upstairs has several arcade machines, an air hockey table, the popular dating sims, DDR machines, whack-a-chocobo, crane machines, and more!

You can access the cinema area by jumping under the dragon lamp inside the elevator upstairs.

Ghoul Knight Club

The Goblet 3-42

Inspired by the King Thordan boss fight, the Knight Club has very beautiful ishgard themes inside.

The top floor is a dance floor that looks like a galaxy full of stars. There is also a small bar ran by an old Elezen butler and a piano for live music. PS4 users don't like this place.

It's called a knight club because it's a night club for knights and it's the best pun ever.

Jump Puzzle Difficulty: ★★★★★

Ghoul Ice Hotel & Bar

The Goblet 3-43

Thanks to the technological advances provided by lalafell-powered magitek, we have managed to make an ice hotel with nevermelting snow on its gardens.

This mansion is used for big server-wide events, as it can sit quite a lot of people and it has a very elegant design. It has a few guest rooms, a large bar and stage, and stripper rooms. It's perfect for fashion contests, as it has a compact dressing room behind the stage.

The upstairs has a large ball room centered by an ice sculpture.

Let it go~

Ghoul Maid Cafe

The Goblet 3-38

Famous for the blind date in the maid cafe event a few years back, this restaurant attracts a lot of adventurers.

The maid cafe has a sweets shop full of cakes, pastries, and delicious coffee. It can sit over 70 customers and even has an idol stage for performance.

You can find the restaurant menu here.

You can access the cafe area by using /doze in front of the crystals embedded to the wall.

Jump Puzzle Difficulty: ★★ (Inside Private Chamber)

Ghoul Ryotei

The Goblet 3-36

A tranquil place for fine oriental dining in which excellent food is served. Delight your eyes in this deep-sea themed ryotei while you dine with friends.

The food is made by highly-trained namazu cooks and the establishment has state-of-the-art cooking facilities for them.

You can find the restaurant menu here.

You can access the restaurant by using /doze in front of the exit door.

Ghoul Resort & Spa

The Goblet 3-37

A place to relax and get relieve stress, the resort and spa has luxurious treatment for the weary adventurer. There's massage beds, hot tubs, artificial beaches, and a garden bath with an Ul'dahn theme.

Whether our members want to soak in and relax or release some stress with a happy ending oil massage, the resort and spa is the place to go!

To access the pool area, jump under the dragon lamp in the lobby.

Ghoul Divinatorium

The Goblet 3-32

A place that dips into the occult world, the divinatorium is a sanctum for those who which to learn their future.

The lobby has beautiful columns and a staircase that leads to upper floors. There are rooms for different disciplines of divination like tarot reading, crystal ball reading, and demonology.

Someone won the cactpot once after a reading here.

Ghoul Research Lab

The Goblet 3-31

This research facility is infamous for conducting illegal experiments on lalafell in the name of science. It has contributed to the progress of lalafell soul based magitek inventions.

It has eerie displays of live subjects displayed in tanks or trapped in cells. There is a dissection table next to a statue of Bahamut for experimentation.

The dream of a mad scientist and a lalafell's worst nightmare.

Jump Puzzle Difficulty:

Ghoul Fighting Dojo

The Goblet 3-46

A training facility for those who wish to improve themselves in martial arts.

The fighting dojo has a well lit fighting arena where members can fight each other. There is also plenty of seating for those who want to just observe.

If we're going to be honest, no one has ever fought here. We really just use it to play 2 truths 1 lie in slumber parties.

Jump Puzzle Difficulty: ★★★★

Ghoul Deep Dungeon

The Goblet 3-47

One of the challenge houses, the deep dungeon is a place that can easily get you lost. This house was designed to be a maze and the challenge is to find and sign the message book at the end of the maze.

There are secret passages, booby traps, and challenging parkour jumps awaiting those who wish to challenge the deep dungeon.

This place has made people clinically depressed.

Jump Puzzle Difficulty: ★★

Ghoul Pirate Den

The Goblet 3-44

Hidden near the waterfall in the Goblet, the pirate den is an underground club for adventurers that wish to feed their vices whether it's gil bets, alcohol, or triple triad.

The ominous looking ship is a facade to the luxurious hidden treasure hidden behind it.

You can find the house games here.

You can find the drinks menu here.

The coins on the floor are actually chocolate coins.

Ghoul Pink Fortress

The Goblet 3-50

An ancient fortress home to a cannibalistic clan of pink-haired roegadyn.

The pink fortress is a challenge for those who have cleared the deep dungeon. The puzzles aren't as straight forward, the path is unclear, and the dirty laundry is unforgiving.

The goal is the same, finding the message book and signing it! Will you take up the challenge or will you become food to these monsters?

There's a specific emote that you need to do in a certain place in order to enter the fortress's slimy pink curtains.

Jump Puzzle Difficulty: ★★★

Ghoul Phantom train

The Goblet 3-51

An abandoned train station where Ghouls like to hang out after dark.

You can /doze in front of the paws to enter a haunting train with a bar, a live stage, and spooky decorations.

The private chamber also has a train-themed race track where we host racing tournaments!

Ghoul Castrum

The Goblet 3-28

A cruel and unforgiving jump puzzle inspired by the Garlean empire and by Ultima Weapon (Ultimate) fight. This is the ultimate challenge of our jump puzzles.

The goal is the same, finding the message book and signing it

Jump Puzzle Difficulty: ???????

Ghoul Hanging Garden

The Goblet 3-33

A beautiful garden and apothecary shop. You can drink tea while relaxing in the flower garden or buy different potions and aromatic infusions in the apothecary.

The shopkeeper seems to have the recurring problem of his mandragora queen crawling out of her vase and he seems to not be able to find her.

Jump Puzzle Difficulty: ★★

Ghoul Pokemon League

The Goblet 3-53

The Ghoul Pokemon League features a coffee shop, a pokemon center, a pokemart, and an arena for pokemon battles.

The walls are dyed in different colors, one for each corresponding type.

The pokemon league also has a trick room inspired by the one in Ruby and Sapphire.

Jump Puzzle Difficulty: ★★★ (Inside Chamber)

Ghoul Temporal Cage

The Goblet 3-56

A cruel and unforgiving jump puzzle inspired by the Garlean empire and by the Epic of Alexander (Ultimate) fight. This is the other ultimate challenge of our jump puzzles.

The goal is the same, finding the message book and signing it

Jump Puzzle Difficulty: ???????