Ghoul Pirate Den Menu

Goblet Rose

Gin, martini rosato, rose syrup, grapefruit, lychee, and dodo egg white. A blessing in the desert.

Blood Orange Sour

Vodka aperol, orange bitters, fresh orange juice, lemon, and dodo egg white. Tangy and delicious.

Leviathan's Reflection

Fresh mirror apples, bourbon, applejack, peach, and cinnamon bitters. A violent drink.

Violet Passion

Muddled lime and passionfruit with lemoncello, and rum finished with noble grape juice.

Indigo Deep

Lominsan gin, mirror apple and othardian plum liqueurs, lemon juice, dodo egg white, and rose syrup.

The Mistbeard

Chamomille tea infused with single malt, shroud almond orgeat, heavenslemon, and dodo egg white.