Ultimate Dungeon Challenge 2020

Update: Winners Have Been Drawn!

Thank you all for participating in our challenge. We had a lot of participants! No one was able to clear 4 of the 10 dungeons so there was no grand prize winner. We had 37 dungeon clears in total and here are the raffle results:

5 mil gil: Peef Rimgar

Art: Kiel'ndia Vel'sharen

/toast emote: Shaq O'neal

The players with the most clears was Darragh Ironacy with 6/10 clears and Vixah Mulgoxho with 5/10 clears.

The raffle winners will be contacted shortly. Thank you all for participating. We might have another run of this event for December.

For our 5th anniversary, our FC has prepared an intense surprise maze/puzzle marathon with cool prizes!

The goal is simple: Find and sign the hidden message books inside all 10 puzzle houses! All messages must have the secret password!

The time limit is from 4/5/2020 11:00 PM EST until 4/30/2020 11:59 PM EST This is a month-long challenge so that everyone gets a chance to participate!


-1st Person to Complete All 10 Dungeons: 60-day Timecard + 10 mil gil + art of their character

-For completing one or more of the dungeons listed, you will enter a raffle for:

  • 5 mil gil
  • Art of your character
  • /toast emote

Each cleared jump puzzle is one more entry for the raffles, so the more you clear the more you can win!

The message books will be checked and winners announced on this page and have their prizes PM'ed by May 7th!


  1. Entries before or after the specified dates will not count!
  2. All message book entries must have the correct password. Make sure you write down your password somewhere because you will need to type it in each book for your clear to count. This password will be unique for everyone!
  3. The first part of the password will be found in the message book in The Goblet 3-41. Details for the location of the other message book with the second password are there.
  4. Make sure you also write your discord info or any other way to contact you outside of the game in the message book in The Goblet 3-41. Failure to post a way to contact you in the message book will have your entry disqualified!
  5. You may only use sprint and peloton actions! There will be automatic and player surveillance in the jump puzzles. Any other class/job skills that move you or change your position will get you disqualified immediately! This includes swiftcast, resurrections, dancer skills, dragoon skills, blue mage, etc.

make sure you've read all the rules before starting, otherwise your entries will not count!

puzzle courses:

The following are the addresses of the mazes and puzzles you need to clear, listed in order from easy to hard:

Ghoul Research Lab - The Goblet 3-31

Ghoul Hanging Garden - The Goblet 3-33

Ghoul Deep Dungeon - The Goblet 3-47

Ghoul Maid Cafe - The Goblet 3-38, inside chamber

Ghoul Pink Fortress- The Goblet 3-50

Ghoul Pokemon League - The Goblet 3-53, inside chamber

Ghoul Fighting Dojo - The Goblet 3-46

Ghoul Knight Club - The Goblet 3-42

Ghoul Castrum - The Goblet 3-28

Ghoul Temporal Cage - The Goblet 3-56

Important Tips:

  • If you get stuck anywhere, use the command /housing to teleport back to the entrance. There is no need to use the teleport action.
  • There is a very very rare bug in the Fighting Dojo where if you fail a lot or run through furniture a lot, the doors will mess up and you will go through them. To fix this, you have to do the /housing command multiple times and/or log out to reset them. Once the first door stops glitching this way, you're good to go!
  • All message books are indoors, do not waste time outside!
  • Not sure where to start? Pay attention to what other people are doing and what actions they're using! There is a specific item in all houses that will show you where you want to be going, make sure you pay attention.
  • Breathe. These dungeon courses are very intense and may give people anxiety/stress. Have fun above everything else and don't rush it, you'll have a chance to win the raffle even if you're not the first one to complete everything!