As the sun begins to set, you find yourself aimlessly wandering a street lost in the mist with an abandoned building in it. You look down and find what seems to be a train ticket in your hand, but you don't remember getting it anywhere. You know you could find your way home if you wanted to, but you don't. You go inside the abandonded building that is calling you and you sit on a rusty bench and wait for the train, not knowing what the night has in hand for you.

It is the best time of the year again! Our FC will be hosting a Halloween party this month. Our activities planned include a costume contest and a racing tournament in a racetrack prepared for this event! Feel free to bring as many friends as you'd like, as we have seating for over 70 players.

The costume contest will be judged by the following criteria for a total of 10 points per judge:

Originality: How original it is, is it an existing costume/set in-game, etc.

Memorability: How special or unusual it is, does it stand out, etc.

Funny/Spooky/Cute/etc: Did it produce an emotional reaction because it's funny, accurate, spooky, cute, etc.?

Guest Judges: Buttered Toast, Risa Heartlily, and Xyros Kiladan.


Costume Contest 1st Place - 2 mil gil + art of your character.

Costume Contest 2nd Place - 500k

Racing Tournament 1st Place - 2 mil gil + art of your character

Racing Tournament 2nd Place - 500k


Date: Tuesday October 27th, 2020

Time: 9:30 PM EST (Arrive earlier if you're participating!)


[9:30-9:45] Guest Sitting and Costume Contest Sign-Up

[9:45-10:30] Costume Contest

[10:30-11:30] Racing Tournament (Single Elimination)